How We Work

As with everything in life preparation is key, that’s why we encourage early bookings. The secret to Style Hoi An’s success is that the key work is complete before you arrive in Hoi An.
Our service begins the second you chose your tailor tour, you are matched with the most suitable guide who will communicate and help plan your new wardrobe. Expectations are managed (there are somethings you just can’t buy and somethings you just shouldn’t..), fabrics are sourced, tailors prepped and budgets discussed. We’ll even go the extra mile and help you out with trip plans or concerns.
On the day of your tour, your guide will present you with your own personalised portfolio and take you through the details over a drink, making sure you are both comfortable and happy with the process before introducing you to your tailor team.
Tailor time is kept to a minimum and will be managed by us, our aim is to make first appointments fun, you do the good stuff – your guide stays behind to do the rest.
Fittings are scheduled around you. Your guide will meet you at the shop where they will work alongside the tailor responsible for final alterations, overseeing the whole process and communicating on your behalf. Depending on your timetable the final product will be stitched, sewn and ready for pick-up two hours later. Your guide ‘on call’ to help.