About Style Hoi An

Jaded by tube houses and homogenous resort hotels, I’ve been busy seeking out Hoi An’s sexiest stays, cutting edge dining and memorable local experiences to compile a list of stylish, quirky but hip hide-aways in tune with Hoi An’s boutique locale.

Unaffiliated, totally independent and on the ground in Hoi An, all reviews and itinerary suggestions are kept up to date and open to question via a live feed – Want to know the weather in June? A recent typhoon?

All featured photos are my own and are taken as found, with the aim to show the real story behind glossy travel websites. I’ll update them seasonally too, because it’s not always blue skies and sunshine in central Vietnam.

As for the places I recommend? I prefer rich experiences and where ever possible, local ones: For accommodation that’s not always easy in Hoi An and in those cases, I’ll provide an area map of walkable local businesses and a guide to what they are best at.

Style Hoi An is researched and compiled by a locally based travel writer and Hoi An destination expert. It’s a project borne of four years and counting of seeking out travel stories beyond the usual mass produced copy, a platform from which I can share findings and experiences that excite me and I feel just might enrich your holiday too.


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